It’s All Good!
Paul L. Garlington

“And God saw all that He had made, and behold it was very good…all things came into being by Him; and apart from Him, nothing came into being that has come into being…for everything created by God is good and nothing is to be rejected, if it is received with gratitude…” (Gen 1:51; Jn 1:3; Tim 4:4)

To paraphrase, the Apostle Paul, “What shall we then say about all these things?” Or, more specifically, what do you say? Do you really know what is being said here? All that exists, came into being by God alone, and apart from Him, nothing, absolutely nothing, can or does exist. And, moreover, God saw all that He had made (remember, there’s no other creator), and behold, it was very good. We are left with one glorious, inescapable conclusion, namely, if anything exists, it must be good. Or, to put it another way, from the divine perspective, and there is no other, anything not good is not real and does not exist.

But again, what do you say? Will you follow the tired, antiphonal chorus of the so-called wise and prudent who say, “Hey, Hey, whatta you say? We want a miracle another way! We know something God doesn’t know and we see something God doesn’t know and we see something God doesn’t see, therefore, we won’t come over to the truth that in reality it’s all good. We would much more prefer to overcome evil as a power, presence and intelligence thus corroborating our judgments based on good and evil.” Judging by appearance and using the testimony of their senses as the final court of appeal, they choose to call God a liar while paradoxically seeking the help of the Lord to over come the very thing that constitutes their evidence that God is a liar. “O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

“You shall not follow a multitude in doing evil, nor shall you testify (bear witness to two powers) in a dispute so as to turn aside after a multitude in order to pervert justice.” (Ex 23:2) I cannot and absolutely will not join in the absurd practice of the multitude who insist on insulting the very One whose help they so desperately need. Wouldn’t this be analogous to slapping the president while beseeching him for a presidential pardon and release from a death sentence? No wonder Solomon said, “The foolishness of man subverts his way (he remains adamant in his position that he possesses evidence that God is a liar for he knows something not good), and his heart rages against the Lord.” Is there even one of us who hasn’t at some point said to his or herself (and God forbid that we should ever say it aloud), “If I had merely followed my own counsel (that is, instead of a multitude who believe in two powers), I couldn’t have done any worse?”

There is one, and one way only, to extricate ourselves from this horrible predicament. We must concede all glory, honor, praise, and credit to the One God, besides whom, there is none else. Since all things came into being by Him, “Let God be found true, though every man be found a liar.” (Rom 3:4) We must rise up in defiance of all appearances and say like Habakkuk, “Though the vision that It’s All Good seems to be delayed in my daily experience; though the fig tree should not blossom, and there be no fruit on the vines, though the yield of the olive should fail (lie), and the fields produce no food, though the flock should be cut off from the fold and there be no cattle in the stalls, YET I WILL EXULT IN THE LORD (rejoice with total abandon), I will rejoice in the God of my salvation.” If I must, I will celebrate the truth that God, good is all there is in the wilderness and in every barren, desolate place, time or situation. Let the desert and every seemingly God-forsaken ghetto hear my triumphant voice, “Let God be true and every man(-ifestation) be a liar.”

“Ah,” but you insist, “How can I maintain it’s all good in the face of such widespread human suffering? Doesn’t this prove that there is an evil power opposed to God producing all these evil conditions?” I will gladly answer your question, if you will first prove to me when, in fact, did God cease to be omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. Moreover, if God is eternal One who changes not, is this even conceivable? Can that which is infinite become finite? Can that which is all be reduced to a mere part? Can the birthless, ageless, deathless One become mortal and subject to corruption? If, for example, God is omnipresent, and there is nowhere God can be absent, can there be anything in omnipresent being that is not good? Perhaps you may respond, even petulantly, “That’s not fair. I asked you first.” Get real! Don’t you see it yet? The issue is not what you or I, for that matter, think is humanly fair, but only what glorifies the One God, besides whom; there can be none else. Hence, the only permanent way out of all human suffering is to glorify the One God and sole creator who pronounced all things good and very good.

God is the only creator and whatever the eternal One does is good and endures forever. There is nothing that can be added to it and certainly there’s none to take anything from it. However, the belief in two powers has created a veil that lies over the heart of man, obscuring his vision of the grand and glorious truth that the whole earth is full of the glory of god, and that it is indeed all good. Nothing needs to be done to change anything or anyone anymore than a hypnotized man who thinks he’s a dog needs to be turned back into a man. His entire behavior is based totally on a belief and not the truth of who he really is.

“What then, “ you may ask, “is the solution? What is the way out?” The Apostle Paul said, “Whenever a man turns to the Lord (i.e., acknowledging the One God as infinite, absolute, besides whom, there is none else), the veil is taken away.” This is his day of atonement and the inauguration of his year of Jubilee. Like the prophet Isaiah, he will suddenly discover God here, there, and everywhere. Or, like Moses and Joshua, he will see that even the place where he stands is holy ground. Indeed, that was the case all the time, but our vision was severely distorted through division or the belief in two powers and two creators, one good, and the other evil. However once one has seen the One God who is all in all, of all, to all, through all, for all, at all such a one will also hear the voice within declare, “You are my witnesses…in order that you may know and believe Me and understand that I Am He. Before Me, there was no God found and there will be none after Me.” (Read Isaiah 43:10-13.)

A witness has evidence, yea even personal, direct knowledge of the things he has seen and heard. How does God bear witness to Himself? Surely, if we are His witnesses, we will function in the same way. The Apostle Paul declared that even while all the nations went their own way believing in two powers, “Yet He did not leave Himself without witness, in that He did good and gave you rains from heaven and fruitful seasons, satisfying your hearts with food and gladness.” (Acts 14:17) Please observe that while many may suppress the truth in unrighteousness, they can never obliterate the awesome truth that the One God bears witness to itself by doing good. Though man may deny this, the animal kingdom cannot and will not for, “They all wait for Thee to give them their food in due season. Thou dost give to them, they gather it up; Thou dost open Thy hand, they are satisfied with goodness.” (Ps 104:27,28) Hence, to all those who return with all their hearts, mind, soul and strength to the One God, besides whom, there is none else, God says, “They shall be to Me a name of joy, praise and glory before all the nations of the earth, which shall hear of all the good that I do for them, and they shall fear and tremble because of all the good and al the peace that I make for it.” (Jer 33:9) Do you get it? A witness is not one who, like the Pharisees, “Travel about on sea and land to make one proselyte; and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves.” (Mat 23:15) Au contraire, a true witness is one who celebrates that fact that the Lord is good and this is the eternal, unchangeable, indestructible reality.

This is indeed the year of mastery in which God has, “Crowned the year with His bounty (goodness), and His paths drip with fatness (abundance).” (Ps 65:11) Our daily practicum will be a joyful commitment to translate every suggestion of separation and lack into the glorious consciousness of It’s all good. From now on, we dispel all darkness by being the light. We are utterly committed not to put God to the test by saying in the day of adversity, “Is the Lord among us or not?” This is our story and we are sticking with it: it’s all good and I am witness of this glorious reality. My recovery is breaking forth speedily. I am a part of this new creation where, as at the beginning, the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy. Let the heavens be glad, let the earth rejoice. Let the true witness rise up and declare without apology, “Everything created by God is good.” Since there is no other creator, I reject nothing. IT’S ALL GOOD!


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