It is true-No man is an island. We live among an ocean of people who are ultimately and at their core connected. Heartmates are the acknowledgment of this truth.
In its purest sense, a heartmate is a covenant friend who shares the path with you of living by Heartsight. A heartmate always speaks the truth in love to his neighbor, thus strengthening his/her friend through righteous judgment. He/She is committed to the truth that God is One, and that the whole earth is full of His glory now.
All too often, we find ourselves in relationships that are long on affection and short on commitment and respect. In the absence of commitment to the One that is nonnegotiable, affection soon degenerates to resentment and contempt. Therefore affection alone is not enough for one to qualify as a heartmate. There will be times that a true heartmate may seem, to the ego, to be totally lacking in affection because of his/her commitment to be faithful to the truth. A true heartmate will, if necessary, be your beloved enemy in order to rejoice with you in your liberation. Therefore those who have eyes to see and ears to hear receive the divine wounding as ointment upon their head, and thank God upon every remembrance of their faithful heartmate.

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